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Charity Begins at McNally's

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There are many of us who have enjoyed our instruments for years and and as we get older the time to play them has slipped away. Our kids have grown and moved away and that wonderful old piano still sits in the livingroom aching to be played. Sound familiar?
McNally Piano Services is looking to talk to you!
There are many children crazy with desire that come from families with no means to provide such luxury. Our future prodigies perhaps stifled for no reason except YOU didn't know they existed.

There are also many facilities catering to our ill. Understaffed with virtually no budgets for supplies let alone a tool that supplies hours of pleasure to those who experience nothing so sweet as music. Why do these easily resolved challenges exist? 
YOU didn't know they existed.

McNally Piano Services is accepting pianos for those in need.
Oh we'd love to take anything that you graciously offer... BUT... there are certain criteria that make it a gift not a nightmare.
We are willing to do our part for minor repairs on qualified pianos but below will outline what would be considered qualified.
If your piano is qualified and you live in the GTA there will be NO charge for the pick up.

Pianos That are:

  1. In working order - playable as it is (tuning is not a concern providing it can be tuned)
  2. in need of modest repair (decided per case)

Pianos not acceptable:

  1. Any piano with a cracked soundboard
  2. Any piano that is physically abused
  3. Any piano that will not hold a tune

Our intention is certainly not to be fussy but we can only pass along playable units that offer enjoyment with minimal cost of repair.

Put your old piano to good use while doing something nice. It feels really good I promise!

For more information please contact us at 416-491-7887


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